Oil Junkie

Throughout my healing journey, I’ve experienced the firsthand benefits of yoga, meditation, Reiki, Vedic Yoga Thai Bodywork, and more. Recently I introduced essential oils into my regimen and the immense power held within these oils completely blew me away!

After doing extensive research on the science of essential oils, the various essential oil companies, origins of essential oils, etc. I joined the doTERRA team. This healing modality has truly amazed me and I will continue to post updates about scent combinations, scientific evidence, and my personal experiences!

I can’t wait to share more of this journey with all of you. Right now I am using this new role as a way to increase my education and will then begin to spread that knowledge with others, to empower them in their own healing journeys! If you have any questions, tips or more, please reach out!

Find my doTERRA page here!