Cultivating Intuitive Movement

It’s easy to talk about how we should always push to reach out goals. The messaging is made to seem simple, and also to imply those that aren’t currently training for a race or competition are lazy and unworthy.

Society’s messaging is always pushing us to be more- at home, at work, in our relationships, our health- always asking for more of us. Until we have nothing left to give. The fitness industry is no exception.

With quotes like the above, it makes sense why people feel so much guilt for missing one workout, for becoming injured, for making a “bad” food choice.

Can we stop dressing up shame and calling it motivation? We’re only causing more harm when we do so.

Studies have shown that when individuals exercise as a form of punishment, they are more likely to become injured and overall their workouts aren’t as effective as those who exercise intuitively- those who exercise because their body is asking for movement, and they provide their body with the movement that makes them happy.

Spouting 100% happiness is unattainable and unreal. We can’t be expected to live in a world of “good vibes only”, and frankly who would want to? I honor my joy because I’ve experienced sorrow. I appreciate my body now because I spent so many years hating it.

I also don’t beat myself up for missing a workout. If my body is asking for rest, I will honor that request.

Building a relationship with our body is just like any other relationship- we may assume we understand it’s communication only to discover later that was wrong. So we try again. We close our eyes, we breathe, we tune into our body’s signals. And we make our next choice accordingly. The more we practice listening to our body, the stronger this relationship will become.

What type of movement is your body asking you for? If it’s a run, go for it. If it’s a dance class, get your groove on. If it’s a nice long nap or a movie on the couch, honor and enjoy! Your body will thank you!

The light in me honors the light in you.

Good Vibes Tribe: Managing Expectations

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the co-founder and co-facilitator of Good Vibes Tribe Cincinnati, an organization committed to healing negative body image through the power of yoga and community.

We offer free monthly meet-ups throughout the Cincinnati/Dayton/Northern Kentucky area in addition to offering specialized workshops and series.

Our February meet-up is on one of my favorite topics- managing expectations! How do we maintain our focus on bettering ourselves (whatever that looks like to you), vibrating on a higher frequency, doing our inner healing work when we have constant messages telling us what we “should” be doing.

All of us can relate to this- whether you’re single, in a relationship- have children, have no desire to have children, or are struggling with infertility- work outside of the home, work at home, stay home full-time, stay home part-time. At times it seems that we just can’t win.

Join us for our February meet-up where we’ll be led in discussion by body-positive dancer, Danielle Begley. Let’s talk about how we maintain balance in our mental & physical health in a world of “should’s”.

More details of the event can be found here. Feel free to send me any questions you have about the event! See you there!

The light in me honors the light in you.

Mind Body Eating Coach Journey Update

I’m so thrilled to be far enough along in my education at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating that I can put this up on my site!

My education at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating has been more than I could have ever imagined. It has vastly increased my existing knowledge of disordered eating, emotional eating, binge eating, eating psychology, and has added to it information about biology, chemistry, nutrition, and more.

I will be a Health At Every Size (HAES) practitioner, meaning my goal is not weight loss, but instead to empower each individual to harness the incredible power they already hold, as they are.  Of course if weight loss is a journey that you would like to explore, let’s explore it together!

There are so many components involved in healing one’s relationship with food and with the body. Often this healing journey can seem overwhelming, and the pressure from society & the diet industry can become too much to bear. I agree, it can be too much to bear- alone. I am here to help you peel back the layers of your specific eating concerns, while also providing scientific data and solid strategies to begin to heal.

I am not a practitioner who puts someone on a meal plan and send them on their way. I truly want to get to know each client- what truly nourishes you- not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually? What gives you pleasure in life and how can I help you create a life in which you do more of that? Food is emotional and physical, which is what makes it so complex. However, the tools I am gaining give me the ability to dive deep and create personalized sessions based upon each individual’s unique needs.  I like to call it “embodiment through empowerment”.

I can’t wait to continue to share the information I am learning, and to begin to implement it with clients. I have some exciting things to offer in the near future so stay tuned! Let’s become empowered together!

The light in me honors the light in you.