Confused Girl

“You are imperfect & inventively flawed. And you are beautiful.” -Giovanna Silvestre


On any given day you can find me with at least one crystal on me, whether it’s tucked in my bra, on a ring or necklace, or in my pocket. So I was excited to also have the leggings I wear also be representative of the crystal properties I want to incorporate into each day!

My first Confused Girl leggings purchase was the Mystery Leggings, which represent the stone marble. First, I love that they’re black, white, and grey because they go with everything.

The marble stone has numerous properties. In general, it represents nurturing and protection. It can also be very grounding, which is certainly a property I always need more of in my life! I like to wear these leggings when I’m going to engage in longer meditations than normal, as marble also aids in clarify and focus, so it can assist in deeper meditative states.

The motto of Confused Girl is “Find Your True Nature”. I find my true nature by tapping into my intuition through meditation, yoga, and spending time in nature. When I have all of those integrated in my life, I am in tune with my truth.

Everywhere we turn there are brands that focus on Photoshop and perfectly sculpted bodies in order to sell their products. Please join me in supporting this brand that supports us where we are- because this is where our power lies. This brand aligns with my mission of learning to accept ourselves as we are in this moment.

To purchase your own pair of Confused Girl leggings, use this link  and use the code ‘jessaleighsmith’ to get 15% your order!

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The light in me honors the light in you